I love my Palm, I don’t love my Palm, I love my Palm…

Palm Treo 650

I have this love/hate relationship with my Palm Treo. Here’s what I love:

  • Everything is centralized
  • Dizzying details in the address book
  • Contact details galore
  • Directions can be put in a Note
  • I can keep track of quotes I come across
  • My information is backed up (boy has that saved a few times)
  • There are hundreds (thousands??) of great little add-in programs (like HandyShopper)
  • It’s easy to use

So, here’s what I don’t like:

  • Maddening transfer of information when I get a new one (and after 15 years of using Palm I’ve done it once or twice… grrrr…)
  • The “looping” which occasionally occurs for no apparent reason, out of the blue (even after getting rid of the newest favorite program)
  • It’s not pretty to look at – let’s face it, it’s utilitarian
  • It doesn’t always play nice with my Outlook (grrr)
  • I’m visual, and seeing one day at a time just doesn’t cut it (I end up looking at my laptop to see the entire month)

Here’s a few ways I’ve combatted the things I don’t like:

  • Transferring to a new device: I read the directions, and set aside a couple hours.
  • I practice patience when the “looping” happens
  • I pair it with a russell+hazel binder to help it look a little prettier
  • Outlook: I mostly use my laptop (ah the joys of a home office)
  • I look at the month view on my laptop when I need to plan something, or print out my calendar and put in my russell+hazel binder

So, what do you use?

(I’m working on a paper/pda hibrid system, and I may post on that later…..)

(photo from mytreo.net)
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3 thoughts on “I love my Palm, I don’t love my Palm, I love my Palm…”

  1. Sorry I missed that Home Office class, things have been a wee bit crazy (hmmm, maybe I need an organization system)! I want to take it next time. I really want to hear about your systems for information. Now that I’ve added blogging to my life, I am on information and contact overload. I love the idea of notebooks for my visual side, and I love the combo idea for efficiency. I seem to have trouble coming up with simple systems that I will use long term. I buy the notebook, have an idea how to use it, and then it just sits there looking pretty and end up lost in the shuffle of life. Maybe with my new office I will SEE my notebooks and use them. For now, I have a pocket calendar in my purse, which I love to have with me at all times, a few random spiral notebooks, a calendar on the wall, and a computer. No palm. Looking forward to your combo post, if you decide to share your thoughts!

    melissa @ the inspired room’s last blog post..A Big Hint and a Giveaway!

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