Home Office Organizing Rule Breaker

Come on, you know you want to – break the rules. Just because a bread basket was designed for bread, doesn’t mean you have to use it for that. Make your home office more interesting and personal with items from around the house or found objects from a flea market (like the milk crate above).

Here’s a few things you can use in your home office for something other than it’s intended use:

  • Bread basket = desktop file holder
  • Wooden serving tray = in-box
  • Valet = desktop office supply organizer
  • Decorative candle holder = business card holder
  • Decorative serving plate = desktop organizer
  • Apple box = rustic file box
  • Shaving cup = pen and pencil holder
  • Milk crate = office supply organizer

Got any bright ideas?

7 thoughts on “Home Office Organizing Rule Breaker”

  1. I found a lot of great items to use as desktop organizers at our local dollar store. There were flat wire baskets I use as an in-basket, small plastic buckets the size of mugs for a pencil cup, a larger plastic bucket for desktop trash, and another for the remote controls in my office (I have a TV and Tivo that I use like a radio while I work—listen, don’t watch). All these are in my favorite color (acid-lime green). None were meant for office use but they are functional and decorative at the same time. So check out your local dollar store for items that can be repurposed for your office.

  2. This is fun and I love your title of “rule breakers!”

    I use bar trays all over the house. Trays for papers, trays for candles, trays for food. They are easy to grab and go, or hide (oh dear– do I hide?)

    I also love re-using vintage kitchen canisters for office supplies, binder clips, my camera and manual, pens and other stuff. They’ve got lids and some stack. My current fav’s are some neat 1930’s nautical ones I picked up on eBay for a steal.

    I also have a wine bottle holder in the bathroom– it helps guest soaps.

    – John

  3. What great ideas! I love using vintage items for storage. It’s the ultimate eco-friendly solution – reuse and hey, look fabulous in the meantime! 🙂

  4. I use a sectioned cheese and cracker tray for items such as rubber bands, staples, regular and correction tape and a staple remover.
    I use a ramekin dish for push pins, a cup I recieved as an award for pens and pencils and a paintbrush for keyboard dusting. I had an old test tube holder made of wire for index cards when I used to use them.
    Votive candle holder or small clay pots can be used, too, for lots of things and a shoe box is perfect for storing old checkbooks. I write the year on the outside and rubber band them together. A silverware tray, the kind you use in your silverware drawer can be used as a drawer divider in your desk as well, and some of them come with moveable dividers.
    Repurposing is a new word I love and it makes me feel kinda clever!

  5. It’s true. If you stick to the original usage the tool is intended for, you defeat the purpose of recycling. I would say recycling and organizing can work together.

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