Home Office Design: Create an Atmosphere Where You Can Be Productive

Having to effectively work at home can be hard for many people, since separating yourself from everything that’s going on around you is hard, especially if you have children or a constant TV presence. While hard, it’s not impossible, and one of the ways to separate yourself from these distractions is to design an office space that you will use strictly for work. It’s actually easier than it sounds, but there is something that you need to think about from the get-go to avoid any problems later on.


Find a use for your office space

Think about what you’d like to use the office for; is it writing, design, accepting patients as a psychiatrist or anything in between. The office space should be equipped according to your needs, so make a list of the essentials and work your way down from there. If the space is for you exclusively, you can have some leeway in what kind of furniture or decorations you have, but if you plan on having clients or patients you should think about a more professional approach. A professionally-looking home office should exude style and high class. Go for a minimalistic décor and invest in top-quality furniture pieces. Stick to clean lines and non-colors, and you’ll be at liberty to decorate it with the best accessories. A simple glass desk, comfortable chair and a couple of side tables for file storing should be enough. For an added touch of elegance, include flower pots to give your space a fresh allure.


HomesOffice2While the office is meant for work and concentration, making sure you are comfortable and feeling productive in it is essential in creating a working atmosphere. The lighting should be adequate to your needs, since you will spend a lot of time in this office: making sure that the drapery fits your needs and that there’s plenty of light and fresh air in the room is key to staying awake in those long working hours. Low lightning involves falling asleep or feeling depressed about your work and doesn’t contribute to your productivity. An armchair or a sofa will do wonders for taking short brakes in between working without actually leaving the office and losing focus.

To make your home office even more comfortable, choose an adequate flooring system. Rubber for example, is incredibly versatile. It comes in a wide variety of styles and patterns; choose the one that matches best with your furniture and other decorations. Rubber is known for its heavy-duty properties. It is also comfortable to the feet and resistant.


This is something to fear and the main reason you’re reading this article; privacy is a must when it comes to creating a focused working environment. Make sure to notify everyone in the house that you are working and not to disturb you until told otherwise; having your phone on mute/silent is a good way to answer calls only when you choose to and putting up a “Do not disturb” sign on the door is a plus. A step further would be installing silent fans/air conditioning to avoid any noise that might disturb you.


Your office space should always be ready for work, and this is essential in keeping in focus when you decide to pick up some work. Think about the layout of the furniture, the elements on the desk, the computer desktop and your notebook; it’s supposed to be organized and you need to know where everything is at any time. This will work twofold: you will feel more at ease knowing that you have everything under control and make sure that your productivity is 100% since you know exactly where to look if you need an old file or have an impatient client over; it shows professionalism and care towards your work and your stakeholders, whether they are patients or friends in need of help.

HomeOffice3At the end of the day, it comes down to you and what you’d like your office to look like. Maybe some of these tips sound sterile and mandate to you and you require a more colorful and playful approach to working environment. Whatever you end up deciding, take these factors into consideration; they might just be what you need to kick your home office productivity into overdrive.

By Denny Averill and CobaEurope.com!

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