Group “Like” Items Together

31 Days of Home Office Organizing TipsTip #6: Like Items Go Together

(Part of the 31 Days of Home Office Organizing Tips)

Ever looked for your stapler and found it in the garden shed?  Now, did that make sense?  I’m thinking no (and if you disagree, we need to talk, seriously.)  In your home office, there’s probably going to be some similar things you want to group together, such as:

  • office supplies
  • books
  • files
  • pictures, framed art or certificates
  • stationery
  • electronic chargers & adapters

Grouping “like” items = easier to find when you need them.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea.  Putting things together makes them easier to find, which is sort of the point.  If your stapler is in the garden shed (seriously, call me) then it’s probably going to be difficult to find, unless your home office is in the garden shed.   So, put your stapler, tape and pens together.   Remember, organization is about finding what you need in 5 minutes or less, so group your stuff together.

Look around your home office right now.  Are there things that would be easier to find if they were on the same or in the same box?  Take 5 minutes and go make that happen.   Feel better?

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3 thoughts on “Group “Like” Items Together”

  1. Hi Brandie,

    Sorting has always been my nemesis! In fact, it’s my big stumbling block over getting my new office set up–trying to figure out what sorts of “stations” I need and what will go in them. Any chance you know of a home office list of standard categories?

    The reason I have trouble with this is I tend to make my categories too specific or similar (so there’s an overlap which means two or more places to look for one thing). I’d love to hear your thoughts on how best to structure this!

    All my best,


    Jessica @ThriveYourTribes last blog post..Free Printable Perpetual Calendar for You

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