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31 Days of Home Office Organizing TipsTip #4: Use a “Grab & Go” Tote

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31 Days of Home Office Organizing Tips

Client appointments, speaking engagements, board & association meetings or even a trip to the beach.  I’ll be you take the same things with you each time you go, right?

Make it easy on yourself.

Pack one tote for your most frequent engagements.  An example, for board meetings: Fill a tote with your handbook, notebook or recorder for notes, business cards and something to write with.  Keep it in your cabinet drawer or a hook and it’s ready to grab and go for your next meeting.

Don’t want a bunch of totes hanging around?  Instead of a bag, make a list of what is needed for each engagement.  The night before, pull out the list put them all in your briefcase, put it by the door and you’re ready to go the next day.   No more frantic rushes to get out the door and less chances you will forget something.

How easy was that?

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6 thoughts on “Grab & Go Tote”

  1. Brandie, good tip! I love the list idea. I have expanded this to help with other “trips” I pack for. I got tired of trying to remember what to pack for my son when we go away for long weekends, so I typed up a list on the computer and use it every time I need to pack. I also made one for our annual camping trips. It saves me tons of time!

  2. I use the plastic carts with wheels and handle. Usually found at WalMart or Yard Sales. Everytime I see one at a yard sale I pick it up. I do lots of crafts at our local Senior Center. I can plan ahead for the projects and put all supplies needed in one cart. That way if we don’t finish them I have everything together for our UFO (unfinished object) day at the Senior Center. Also keep one in the trunk of car for putting grocery bags, etc in. Much easier to roll the cart into the house instead of making more trips to the car. They will even hold my portable sewing machine.

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