Getting ready for the new year

It’s that time of year – most Americans are prepping and thinking about their New Year Resolution. By March it’s a distant memory for most. Oy ve! There are some things you can do to make it stick, and most of them have much to do with forming a new habit. It’s that idea that it takes 21-30 days to form a new habit. It also helps to have some tools! Here’s a short list to get you going:

1. David Allen, Productivity Guru’s book: Getting Things Done. A great book to get a handle on the things that need to get done, how to track them and deal with the paper that comes with it. (Weren’t we supposed to be a “paperless” society?)

2. Real Simple Lists: A great resource of lists for contact numbes for the family to a birthday tracking worksheet. A list, a list, my kingdom for a list…..

3. Overwhelmed by household chores or how to run your to do’s? The hugely popular website and resource mecca for those looking to make the change stick! Also, recently out – a book on “body clutter”. Who knew that clutter was more than stuff? 🙂

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