Get Organized In The New Year: 3 Simple Tips

This guest post is by Jamie Sward from CSN

Every year, millions of New Years resolutions are made, only to be broken a few months later. Why does this happen? Well, while reasons vary from person to person, the overarching reason why so few New Years resolutions are realized is a general lack of commitment. While losing weight and quitting smoking are noble resolutions to tackle, both are quite lofty goals and require a considerable amount ambition and commitment. This year, why not set yourself some attainable goals and make organizing your home office one of them? Getting organized is one of the top resolutions year after year, which is a good thing because it’s so easily attainable. Here are some helpful office organization tips that you can take with you into the New Year.

  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
      You don’t even want to think about how much an entire years worth of paperwork looks like. Then again, if you have a cluttered home office, you probably already know. Resolve to reduce the amount of paperwork by shredding and recycling as much of it as possible. Yes, this means that you are going to have to sift through all of it but rest assured, when you are all done, you’re going to feel so much better. You don’t need to keep every single little receipt for every little thing you’ve purchased over the past year. Keep the receipts for major purchases such as big ticket electronic items and appliances. Shred the rest! As lightweight as paper is, it really can weigh you down in your organizational efforts. Once you’ve rid yourself of all the excess paperwork, it’s time to organize it!
  • Compartmentalize Everything
      “Everything has its place,” as the old saying goes. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to organization. Making sure your 2009 home office has all the proper office storage space is absolutely essential when organizing your space. Now don’t go crazy – there’s no need to alphabetize your pens and pencils but it’s a good idea to have all of your essential supplies within reach. Choose a desk that has built in storage space to make your life (and your organizational efforts) infinitely easier! Many of the desks in the Herman Miller Lifework Portfolio, for instance the Sense Desk, designed by Swiss design team Korb + Korb, has optional desk top storage space perfect for creating a clutter-free work environment. Purchase some sleek, portable filing cabinets, stackable horizontal trays and get organizing!
  • Boost Productivity with Comfortability
      There’s more to organizing your office than filing away your papers and putting away your pens. By creating a work space that’s conducive to productivity, you not only ensure that the work will get done, but you are more likely to keep your space organized! Your space needs to look stylish and be absolutely comfortable. Having the right office chair is the first step. Today’s selection of ergonomic chairs is better than it ever has been. You can custom select a chair based on your height, weight, all the while having it match your office decor! The Aeron Chair from Herman Miller (also part of the Lifework Portfolio) is the perfect option. The lightweight and breathable Pellicle fabrics distribute the user’s weight evenly over the seat and back and a Kinemat tilt allows the body to naturally pivot at the ankles, knees and hips. Available with adjustable lumbar support for your lower back, the Aeron Chair is pure comfort and style all wrapped up in one package. When you are seated comfortably, you’re less fidgety and more likely to be productive.

    By eliminating office clutter, organizing your essential office supplies and choosing the optimal desk chair, you are bound to have a fruitful and productive new year.

    About the author:

    Jamie Sward is a home and office decor expert for CSN, a part of CSN Stores, where he has been for over a year. With a BA in Journalism from Indiana University, Jamie loves to write about the latest in design trends for the home. He currently resides in Boston, MA.

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