Freebies Rock: My Top Ten Favorites

Just got my Entrepreneur magazine, and they have a fantastic article on Free Stuff you can use in your business.  Their list is enormous with great resources.  Since I’m a user of such services, I thought I would share my top ten favorites (most of them are listed in the Entrepreneur article, too!).

My Top Ten Favorite Freebies


Conferencing and collaboration.  Have you ever tried to show a friend/colleague something on your screen, only they are in Holland?  Yeah, now you can do that without pulling out your hair.


I’ve been using this program for about two years.  It’s invaluable!  I used it to create my 101 Home Office Tips eBooklet.  Easy to use and download.  (Entrepreneur’s article mentions CutePDF Writer which is also a great option.)


You have heard our show, right?  Oh, you haven’t?  Well, check that out HERE at  We use BlogTalkRadio for our monthly live show.


Blog, website or content management system – call it whatever you like, it’s got it all and then some.  Like my site?  It’s all run on WordPress baby.  Don’t want the extra expense and hassle of hosting your site, and just want to set up a blog?  Check out their free (hosted) version at (which is where my blog started).  Give it a whirl!

Remember The Milk

A task management tool.  I love this little program.  Yes, I use Outlook, but I find this tool easier to use.  The basic is free (which is what I use) and hooks up to Gmail.  Love that!


Audio editing tool.  Love, love, love this program.  It’s a desktop audio editing tool.  A friend of mine told me about this over a year ago.  It’s powerful enough for me.  I’ve used it to edit my “Organizing For Your Brain Type” audio and our podcast show, “The O Myth“.


If you subscribe to my blog (and chances are you do if you are reading this, and if not, you can subscribe by clicking HERE) then you are getting it through Feedburner.  Great tool, easy to use for blogs and websites with an RSS feed.

Google Docs

Online document management, editing and collaboration tool. Ok, I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but Google Docs is another tool we use behind the scenes on “The O Myth“.  We keep our working documents there, and work on them together.  (Sometimes even using them live on the show!)


Online surveys.  I have used this to poll readers, etc.  Easy to set up and use.


Need a budget?  I ran across this utility recently, and fell in LOVE with it!  I’ve recommended it to others.  It’s a great tool if you don’t have a budget down on paper.

What’s YOUR favorite freebie?

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9 thoughts on “Freebies Rock: My Top Ten Favorites”

  1. I love freebie’s and use a bunch. One of my absolute favorites is Simpleology. I use this to organize my daily tasks as well as to plan for future tasks and really focus on important goals.

    I also love all things Google. I use Google Docs for shared work and to store information for easy access. In fact, I only use a desktop word processor for things that I need to print. Gmail is the perfect e-mail solution for organization and ease of use. And Google Apps make it simple to set up web site specific e-mail as well as calendars and other handy organizational tools.

    Another great resource for freebies is Emily Chang’s eHub at This is a constantly updated list of Web 2.0 tools, many of them great for business and most of them free to use or try.

    Bradford Shimps last blog post..What To Do When a New Hire Doesn’t Work Out

  2. If you ever wanted to whiteboard ideas with others, you may find our freebie Dabbleboard useful. It can do other collaborative stuff like synchronously sharing documents as well, but it’s main strength is completely new interface for making drawing much easier.

  3. Hi Brandie,
    I thought you might be interested to take a look at Mikogo, a free screen sharing program with many free features for online meetings, Web presentations, remote support and more.
    One of the great advantages of Mikogo is that it is so easy to get started and use. No configurations or network changes, etc.
    Btw, I wrote an blog post on how Mikogo is available for free: Is Mikogo a free lunch?

    Andrew Donnellys last blog post..Merry Christmas

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