Form + Function = Good Design

I have to admit that although I didn’t watch the episode Monica Ricci was talking about in her post “Form Before Function?”, I just HAD to chime in agreement about form AND function being necessary for good design. You rock on girl!

What does the client want?

In a recent “Top Design” show, a designer who didn’t fully listen (or at least incorporate) what her “client” wanted won a contest for best design.  Ick! Isn’t the point of having a client (whether you’re selling widgets, organizing, design or donuts) that you serve your clients best needs? I mean, if your client wants glass walls and that works for them, then do it.  Why?  It’s their decision.  But if they need something that you are made aware of in your initial assessment, and you ignore (or maybe forget about it) that’s, well ….. not good.

So, all that just to rant and say, Monica, I completely agree!

One thought on “Form + Function = Good Design”

  1. Thanks for the mention and the trackback! You definitely need to watch Top Design! It’s a trainwreck at times but I do learn some stuff and get inspired by some of the designs and designers. My money is on either Matt or Erik to win the whole thing.

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