Feng Shui For Your Home Office

I ran across this list of “50 Practical Home Office Feng Shui Tips“. What a great comprehensive list! Here are some of my faves (and some I have recommended to clients in the past):

  • Never have your back to the door: I read this several years ago, and tried it out myself. There is something about having your back to the door that makes you uneasy. Try it out and see what you think.
  • Sharp corners are not your friend: Sharp corners are not only dangerous, but they have a “cutting” energy to them. For your desk, be sure you don’t have sharp corners pointing at your workspace.
  • Color choice is important: Blues and greens are best for the office. They are soothing, and green symbolizes money. I have also read that purple is beneficial as well. Sprinkle a little red in for power, but only a little or it will overpower your soothing blue or green
  • Eliminate clutter: This is a no-brainer, but clutter is an energy killer. Get rid of it, and quiet your mind.
  • Use the office only as an office: If you have a home office, chances are fortunate enough to have a dedicated work space. So, only use it for its intention – work. One of the most challenging things about having a home office is boundaries. Make sure you have them and defend them. Your work will thank you.

4 thoughts on “Feng Shui For Your Home Office”

  1. All excellent points for a home office.

    I would like to elaborate on a few:
    In addition to making you feel uneasy, having your back to the door will diminish your feelings of self-worth. Your chair and desk should be in the “commanding position” of the room–as far back from the the door as possible, while still being able to see it.

    Color: blues, greens and purples are relaxing…so much so that you might not be getting enough work done if they are dominate colors. If you feel sleepy when you work, consider adding reds, oranges and yellows as they are stimulating colors.

    Right on about the clutter!

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