Eco-Organizing, Eco-friendly Life

Ok, so I’m not a professed eco-fanatic, but I have been working toward a more eco-conscious life and consumer habits.  There are so many great options out there to do our part and conserve less energy (getting our furnace fixed two months ago was definitely a move in the right direction!  But that’s another story……)  So, as I am moving toward producing less carbon in the environment, I thought I would share some links for all to enjoy.

Eco-Relocation:  Organizing LA’s blog post on relocation

Natural Home Magazine:  Check out the Jan/Feb 2007 issue’s eco-friendly storage options.

Ideal Bite’s blog:   Fun and quirky blog and newsletter on going green

3 thoughts on “Eco-Organizing, Eco-friendly Life”

  1. Hi Brandie,

    How nice to find another fellow organizer with a nice blog! And from your other web site ( I see we like many of the same books – not surprising.

    I sometimes blog about green alternatives and about donating & recycling (a green option in itself).

    Take care,

  2. I’d like to inform you about the Green Office Day. It is an initiative designed to raise awareness of the importance of adopting environmentally friendly behaviour in the workplace, it is catered to all employees of all companies.
    The Green Office Day will take place on Friday 10th June, a day in which every single worker can participate in the initiative trying to have a “green” behaviour during the daily working life, in order to reduce paper waste, fuel and electric power.
    It really is easier than you think. Start with a few things, and change as you go. If you’re just starting out, on you’ll find some eco-tips to get your office more “in the green”.
    So go ahead, get green!

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