Creating a Home Office that’s Functional and Enjoyable

Home office
Home office
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When it comes to your home office, you want it to be functional and yet attractive. While you may spend several hours a day in this space working, you also need it to remain an integral part of your home that you can enjoy in the evenings. Before you fill it up with commercial furniture that lacks style, consider following these tips to develop a workable space that can serve more than one function.

Having Fun with the Walls

You may love the color blue, but consider adding some white or black to your space. When you paint one wall with whiteboard or chalkboard paint, you’ll create an easy place for writing down lists. It’s more attractive than just hanging a board on the wall, and you can even use it for recording your grocery list or things to do around the house. You can even let the kids use it when you’re not working.

Comfort, Function and Style

Whether you want a traditional look or something more modern, choose a style that works with your home. Your office can be elegant or whimsical, but it should be a reflection of your style either way. If you want something more fun, then go with contemporary furniture that will add visual appeal to your area without too many embellishments.

See the Work without the Glare

One common complaint about offices is that the fluorescent lights can be hard on your eyes. You want to see your work area, but you don’t want it to feel blinding and uncomfortable. When you’re going for a fun look, then leave the rectangular fixture behind and opt for a cool chandelier instead. You can bring the light down to your workspace, but you won’t give up the stylish finish. Uplights are also a great choice. Set a few around the perimeter of your room to gently illuminate the space without overwhelming it. Hang up some of your favorite artwork and then show it off with a directional spotlight. The light will reflect off the glass to help brighten your space further.

Eliminate the Eyesores

Offices have numerous eyesores, including stray wires and cables around your workstation. The great news is that there are countless ways to corral the wires and avoid this problem. Label them with bread ties so you won’t have to play hide and seek when it’s time for a new monitor. Use zip straps to keep the extra lengths bundled together. You can also attach a small wire basket beneath your desk to hold the cables and keep them nice and tidy.

Energy and Life

Bring some green into your space to help you relax throughout the day and stay focused. Plants are excellent for cleaning the air, and they make any room more appealing. If you’re working from home, then you probably have an office with a window. Put a hanging philodendron in front of the glass or set a beautiful orchid on your desk.

Personalize It

When it comes to the accessories in your home office, the choices are all up to you. This is part of your home, so you should have things you love inside your space. Bring in a few items that are special to you and display them with pride. You won’t lose too much room in the process, but you’ll ensure that your home office remains an integral part of your household.

Take your home office from dull to enjoyable by spending some time with the décor. While you can choose whatever shade you want for the walls, you also have the option of turning the entire area in front of your desk into a chalkboard. You can choose the accessories that make you smile and lighting that will help you stay focused. In the end, you just might turn this room of work into one of your favorite spaces in the house.

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