Create A Space You Love, With What You Already Have!

In February, I completed my education in Interior Refinement. Interior Refinement, also known as one-day decorating or interior redesign is a hot topic these days! Shows like HGTV’s Free Style or Design Remix are great examples of using what you have to create a stylish and functional space in your home or office! In a dream world, we could hire fabulous Interior Designers to come in, knock down walls, rebuild rooms with wall to wall built-ins and import antique flooring from Italian farmhouses (yes, please!).  However for many, that’s not in the budget.

Interior Refinement is budget friendly for you.

What I love about Interior Refinement is that you use what you have. Most people can recognize a beautiful piece of furniture, art, window treatment or lighting fixture, but bringing it all home and fitting it together can be a challenge! That’s where Interior Refiners come in! Through tried and tested methods of design and room arrangement, you’ll have a new room in hours. Whether is a room you live, work or entertain in, redesign is an instant gratification that won’t break the bank!

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