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Fruits of my labor

There should be a magazine called “Conscious Living”. Isn’t it amazing how we can wander through life on auto-pilot? Not really noticing or taking in our surroundings, events, relationships or work. Recently I have taken up gardening (ok so it’s been a few years, but this year I am actually producing – those are my strawberries in the picture), and I find the best thing about it is the time to think.  Hacking up a bush that I am not too fond of last night, I was concentrating on this one deed: getting that thing to look the way I wanted it to look.  I had to step back a few times to take in what it looked like from far away, and then step in again and prune and shape it to be what I wanted.  Then there are the “fruits” of gardening if you are growing something you can actually eat (YUM!).

Taking a step back.

Funny, cause life can be like that – sometimes a step back can make all the difference. It can be a scary thing too.  Stepping back to take a 10, 000 foot level look at life:

Do I like what I see?

Is there anything painfully out of place?

How can I shape and mold it to be what I know is right?

It’s not a crazy search for the perfect life, family or job, but simply a time out to look at the entire picture; and then make it your own… consciously.

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