Computer & Paper Files: Match Them Up

31 Days of Home Office Organizing TipsTip #1: Match Computer & Paper Files

(Part of the 31 Days of Home Office Organizing Tips)

Matching computer & paper files can make your life easier… honest!  Think about how much time is wasted, trying to remember, “where the holy blessed heck did I put that friggin document?!”  Matching files will streamline what’s in your head, on the computer hard drive and the file cabinet.

It’s also essential to file everything in a way that makes sense to you (more on this later).  So, for today, take a look at your paper & computer files, and streamline.  And, since it’s the beginning of the year, this is a great time to sort & edit all those files too.

Bonus tip:Use one “archive” file for computer files.  A search tool like Google Desktop can be your friend, and make sure you don’t need a degree in library sciences to find your presentation notes.  😉

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