Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: Get On It!

CF Bulb

In response to Seth Godin’s challenge to blog about CF bulbs, here is my story…..and I’m stickin to it!

So, I had a really bad experience with a mis-programmed thermostat basically blowing out our furnace computer. Let’s not talk about the gory details, suffice to say that wow, if your utility bills are high, call the FIRST time that happens. Enough said……

A little slow, but I came around.

Last year in May, we decided to do a little interior work on our house. At that point, I thought I would try out the CF bulbs. Ok, so I’m a LITTLE slow – I eventually come around. Besides, a contractor told me he didn’t particularly care for them, but what a misconception I had!  I put them in our front hallway (part of the improvements) to see how they went. I felt that in my self-imposed Eco-makeover, I needed to get going on getting our house more into the “green” zone. I’m a voracious recycler, and have been known to pick things out of the trash and place them into the proper bins. However, I digress….

Hello Energy Audit, Goodbye high energy bills!

After, or rather during, the aforementioned Furnace Disaster 2006, I was graced with an Energy Audit from my local utility company. Hello education! Despite my rather insane jealousy over the auditor’s claim to have paid in a year what I had just paid in my last month’s utilities, I learned SO MUCH. I highly recommend anyone do this in their home! In my case, it was free, and I understand this is pretty common. After said audit, the representative bestowed a very useful array of trash and trinkets which included a rash of CF bulbs. I was delighted!! Did you know that there is a CF bulb that is made to not attract bugs? Ok, so it’s yellow, but really, yellow bulb at my front door vs. big “mosquito eaters” joining me thru the front door? NO comparison in my book. Bob (we’ll call him Auditor Man) gave me lots of other sizes and ways to save energy. I have to say that I learned so much! Ok, so maybe I said that already…..And there is some extra joy in my life when I turn on the lights in my house, knowing that the big chunk of the glacier that just fell into the ocean….NOT MY FAULT….

Seriously, get on it….these little CF’s save money and hey, maybe if we all used them, we could make a difference! Afterall, what do you have to lose? Or maybe you like paying for all that extra energy that could power an entire city….

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