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Last night I heard a wonderful speaker. He was a mix of different perspectives on life including counsellor and what some would call a Cultural Creative. Last night he spoke to a group of organizers about shame and its impact on us as individuals. I was completely fascinated by his talk.

The stories we tell ourselves.

One thing that stood out for me was a point he made about the “stories” we tell ourselves, and how those stories can change when we look at the actual data of our lives. For example, “I’m just a disorganized person” could be a story one might tell themselves. If you buy into that story, and that is what you believe (enough to say those words out loud) then it’s true in your experience, and probably in your physical environment. The fact is, accomplishing any goal or changing your life is how you look at it, and what actions you take to make that change a reality.

Before letting go…

I was also inspired by Ariane Benefits’ post on Joyful Jubilant Learning’s blog, “Things I Had to Unlearn Before I Could Let go of My Clutter”. Ariane’s story in her mind had to change before she could let go of her clutter. As she states in her post, the change she made had to do with unlearning certain behaviors, and changing her internal dialog and story.

Stepping up and moving forward.

I’ve been there – not organized from birth, and struggling with mountains of paper, keeping pictures of people I didn’t like, unfinished projects and things I kept because I thought I “should”. It’s a bummer to deal with when you have to look at it all, take responsibility and say “I did that”. Then, to step up and do something about it.

Action = forward motion.

To me, when actions motivate you to move forward, your story will begin to change. You realize that the change you seek has to start somewhere. So, it might as well be now, with a small step in the direction you are looking toward.

What’s your story, and what are you doing to change it?

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5 thoughts on “Change Your Story”

  1. Right on Brandie! I too enjoyed the presentation! What I love most is that once we realize that we have gotten lost in the story… it really is a little easier to get out of it… it’s just knowing the difference between reality and the story… thanks for blogging on this… I might join you!

  2. Hi Brandie!

    What an excellent insight! I could very well have titled that post “How I Changed My Story So I could release clutter” (but the theme of the month was “unlearning” : )

    Now that you mention it, all the bad habits I’ve changed, and all the fears I’ve overcome started with questioning the story I was telling myself in my head and then creating a new one. With the right story in your head, the action toward what you want gets so much easier. It takes a lot of energy to have to constantly fight the “story”.

    Thanks for sharing your insights!

  3. Thanks Megan and Ariane. I appreciate your courage to share your story, and how you changed it, Ariane. It’s a big deal to face what is holding you back and to overcome it and help people.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Brandie. It’s so true that our stories can hold us back until we realize that they are just stories. In her book the Joy Diet, Martha Beck wrote something about once you figure out your story for this particular scene decide whether it is a helpful one or not. If not, change it.

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