Meeting Project Stand

Remember the Small Business Startup Kit Giveaway?  Well, I had a chance to meet up with Val, from Project Stand recently.  I am so excited about where they are headed!

Val (Project Stand) & Brandie (The Home Office Organizer)Val drove down to claim the giveaway prize, and I am so glad he did!  We sat and chatted over coffee, and I could have talked with him for the rest of the afternoon!  Val and I share a passion for making positive change in the world, both locally and on grander, worldwide scale.   It was inspiring to talk with Val, and see how excited he (and his team) are about Project Stand.  I love that they are telling stories that need and deserve telling.  The world would be a much better place if we all took a moment to stand up for what we believe in!

I am excited to see where Project Stand is going, and I hope you are too!  Stay tuned for an update from them in the coming months.   I’m looking forward to hearing about it!

What do YOU stand for?

Additional reading:  Read the press release by clicking HERE.

Conference Travel: 7 Tips

A conferencing we will go…. Travelling to conferences is a different animal from vacations, and a few little tricks up your sleeve can make all the difference!

It’s been a little crazy these past couple weeks!  I hit two conferences in just over a week (one of which was local).  It was a whirlwind of learning + networking.  Fun?  Oh yeah.  Exhausting?  Oh yeah.  There were a few little random things I learned (or reinforced) along the way, that I thought I would share.  Continue reading “Conference Travel: 7 Tips”

Blog World ’08 Recap

That’s right, BlogWorld ’08, or #bwe08 if you’re on Twitter.  I spent the weekend in Las Vegas at BlogWorld, and if you’re a blogger and you didn’t, bummer.  It was a great time + lots of information + making new friends. Kinda like summer camp, only with PDA’s, Twitter and learning about the vast opportunities that exist in Social Media.

First off, thank you EPSON!

I went to BlogWorld Expo with the Sparkplugging team, and our gracious sponsor was Epson.   Ia m positively drooling over this new printer: Epson WorkForce 600.  Wireless capabilities, editing photos and more… yeah, count me IN.

Check out the interviews. Continue reading “Blog World ’08 Recap”

Barn House Flea Market: Shopping, Bake-Off, Chili & Fun!

Oh wow, where do I begin?  I had a wonderful time at the Barn House Flea Market over the weekend!  I’ll be doing a series about organizing with found items, but for now here’s some highlights of the event.

Krista Colvin, my BlogTalkRadio show co-host invited myself and a couple of her friends to come along to this even.  Boy, I am sure glad you did, sistah!  Krista was a judge in the sweets bake off and I was judging the chili cook-off.  Yum!  This candid shot is the judges getting their plates.  Krista is on the right and Tracey Buxton of Notes from A Cottage Industry is on the left.

Krista Colvin & Tracey Buxton

This is what they were judging, the poor things.  (Tracey posted some gorgeous shots of the full desserts here.)

Bake-Off Sweets

We did a little shopping (more on that later) and then it was time for the chili cook-off:

Chili Cookoff

There were some great entries including ingredients like chocolate and smoked pork.  Yum!  I was really asking one of the Barn House Boys about his secret here…. It was delicious and even went back for seconds!

Chili at Barn House Flea Market

I also got a quick shot with Tracey since she was headed back out of town.  It was so great to meet her!

Tracey Buxton & Brandie Kajino

After all that food, fun and shopping we were lucky enough to get a private tour of the house on the property.  Krista and I have decided that we’d like to be boarders!   This is a the entrance to the garden…

Barn House Garden

I love this idea of using a large wardrobe with baskets and fun accessories in side.  This is the bathroom, don’t you love it?  I could curl up in that chair and read for hours…

Barn House Bathroom

The living room was also to die for, such a warm and welcoming space without being fussy.  Love that!

Barn House Living Room

Best of all?  I walked away with some great stuff like this fabulously stylish chair and the vintage phone dial below from the sale!  The chair is going right in the corner of my office in my soon-to-be coffee/reading area in my home office.  I am totally in LOVE with it and plan to reupholster it at a later date…. or not.   🙂  (Thanks Lynne!)

my new vintage chair

Seriously, how cute is this phone dial?  Queen of Tarte had it in her booth, and had some great ideas about using it as an ornament.  I even thought I might be able to use it as a photo frame.  Fun!

vintage phone dial

I for one can’t wait for the next Barn Sale in August!

Like what you see?  Check out the links below for more info, photos and the fabulous vendors at the event.  ( And cross your fingers that we’ll get to see some more recipes… *hint hint* )

Barn House Vintage Home & Garden (the hosts of the event + peach cobbler bakers + chili makers)

Notes From a Cottage Industry

Krista’s Organize In Style Blog

Queen of Tarte

Antie Joy (posted her poppyseed Cake Recipe!)

The Silly Bear

Little Byrd

Organizing Business Blogger Meetup & Link Roundup

NAPO Bloggers Meetup 2008

As you may know, I spend the better part of last week in Reno, Nevada with a wild and crazy group of organizers. I also got to meet many of the bloggers I had virtually “met” in person (that made so much more sense in my head…). That’s all of us above.

So, I thought I would give you a taste of what some of these lovely and inspiring people write about. This is my no means an exhaustive list of bloggers or their fantastic body of knowledge. It’s a growing group! Go check out their posts, subscribe to their feeds, explore their blogrolls and let them know how fabulous they are. 🙂

Without further adieu, the Organizer Link Round Roundup…

Aby Garvey did this sweet post on how she uses buckets around her house. So fun!

Megan Spears gives her tips on how to get back on schedule after some time off (I used these tips myself today!)

Wendy Davie discusses how you can get a whole lotta decluttering done in just a couple hours.

Krista Colvin tells her Peter Walsh story, with photos…

Lissanne Oliver gives her perspective on wants and needs.

Monica Ricci serves up her weekly quote of the week on doubt (GREAT quote btw!)

Lorie Marrero asks, “Are you faffing right now?” (No, but I was earlier… )

John Trosko posted this video on how to fold a t-shirt. Seriously, it’s a jaw dropper… as in, why can I not DO that?

Jeri Dansky shows us how to keep stuff from falling thru the wires on wire shelving (I didn’t make it to this booth – dang!) (Update: See Jeri’s post about this event, and some more great posts she links to!)

Beth Ziegler shares a cool planning technique called “blocking”

Lauren Halagarda
shares a fun “Periodic Table For Cleaning”

On a personal note: It was a pleasure meeting all of you in person! Let’s change the world!

NAPO Conference – Live from Reno, NV

 NAPO Conference 2008

Here at NAPO conference, and loving it! About 800 professional organizers in one place – Reno, Nevada will never be the same again. Here’s just a quick recap, as I’ve been neglecting doing any posting – sorry about that! So, here’s the lowdown:

Peter Walsh was our keynote today. You gotta love a guy who speaks his mind with passion and conviction. One of the best things he said today:

Imagine yourself in your “clutter” (whatever that is). Visualize it in your mind……. Did you see yourself surrounded by it? Now, consider this:
Imagine yourself on a road with your clutter on either side of you, not surrounding you, but on either side.

Profound, don’t you think? Here’s my take on that:
Travelling that road with your stuff on the sides, you choose what you take with you. It’s a choice. You choose what you take on your journey. LOVE that.

Also, I met a boat load of organizers who have business blogs. I’ll post more on this later (with pictures). I had a GREAT time. So fun to put names and faces together. We had a short round table where we all introduced ourselves, and lots of “oh, that’s you!” going around the room. Too funny. Gotta love it!

More later…..