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Easy Ways To Dispose the Old Rubbish and Junk From Your Office

It has never been easy to get rid of junk and unwanted bulk items from your office. Everyone has to deal with office clutter, but some people just deal with it more successfully thanks to their own personal tolerance for disarray or by teaching themselves good habits to keep everything around them organized. If your office is in disarray right now, it does not mean that you are a bad or terminally disorganized person. It means that you simply haven’t taken some time to learn new habits that will help keep your office as organized as it should be. Continue reading Easy Ways To Dispose the Old Rubbish and Junk From Your Office

Tickler File, Your Style

Event tickets, maps, invitations, registration forms, oh my!  Paper with dates need homes where you can easily find them on the day of your event.  So, how can you keep it all together?  One idea is a tickler file, and there are lots of ways to adapt it to your personality and style (I’ve given you a starting point below).  Here’s how you set it up the framework of this system: Continue reading Tickler File, Your Style

Organize & Redesign: 7 Tips For Your Home Office

In the home office, space is at a premium. For most people the home office is usually an afterthought, or a room that was never intended for such intense paper processing and electronic equipment. Here are some tips to organize, rework your home office and increase your productivity!

  1. Build up: Utilizing the walls, and rearranging the storage can help. If you don’t have a large footprint in your office, consider using the walls, and build up!
  2. Reposition your desk: Consider creating a “u-shaped cockpit” with everything you need at your fingertips. (Just make sure not to have your back to the door!)
  3. Move those files! Reference materials should be within reach of your chair, but archives should be moved elsewhere – ideally relocated out of the room.
  4. And there was light! Bad lighting can really put a damper on your work – not to mention your eyesight. Have ample overhead lighting, as well as task lighting to brighten your workspace.
  5. Ergonomics: Start with the chair, and get one that fits you perfectly. You’re going to use it a lot, so make sure you’re comfortable in it!
  6. Boundaries are key! Working at home is no picnic with constant interruptions, but it can be done with communication. Talk with your family, partner or roommate about when it is and isn’t OK to disturb you in your office. It’s a shift worth making, and everyone will be happier for it!

What’s your home office challenge?

Reboot Your File Cabinet: 5 Simple Steps

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in paper? Loathe the thought of getting it all put away? Is your filing system a force to be reckoned with?  Is it time for reboot?

There are many products out there that can help, but you can do it yourself with a little preparation, dedication and patience.   Here’s the basics:

1.  Gather supplies: Get yourself some banker boxes, manila folders (and hanging folders if you must), tab labels and paper clips.

2.  Unload your filing cabinet one drawer at a time, and…

3.  Sort, sort, sort! Sort out old paperwork that isn’t necessary (i.e. old utility bills), and start putting the “to keep” papers into categories. If you abhor filing, consider doing this project in 30 minute increments over a few days.

4.  Load your papers into your banker boxes as you go along. Use categories that make sense to you.

5.  When you are finished, reload your banker box contents into your old (or new)  filing cabinet.

Lastly, be sure to keep up with your filing.  Have a place for “to file” or put your papers away right when you get them.   Set aside one day per week to actually DO it.  Keep your filing system as simple as possible and keep on top of it.  Now, get to it!

Get Organized: Baby Steps

Ready to get organized in the New Year? Take baby steps, use what you have and start with the thing that’s bothering you most. Here’s how to do that from my latest segment on KOIN Keep It Local:

Kick Your Paper Organization Into Gear: A 3 Part Crash Course

Have you seen the 3 Part Paper Management series I wrote up for Wendy from Sparkplugging (formerly ?   If you’re drowning in paper, or need a few tips, go check it out!

Organize Your Home Office Paper: A Crash Course, Part One

Organize Your Home Office Paper: A Crash Course, Part Two

Organize Your Home Office Paper: A Crash Course, Part Three

*  Be sure to check out the entire site AND my Sparkplugging “Home Office Organizer” Blog – if you are a parent and work from home you’ll find resources galore!

Managing Money: Get It Done

New Year Resolution #3:
Better Money Management

8 Days of Resolutions

This series is all about the top New Year Resolutions. One of those is “Get Organized”.  Have you ever made this resolution? How did it go? Did you do a “crash & burn” weekend on Jan. 2nd and everything was back to the way it was by Jan. 10th?  Try using organization as a tool for whatever change you desire.  You may surprise yourself!

Procrastinating won’t improve matters.

My husband is a great teacher.  When we were first married, he taught me how to think about managing money in a new way.  I used to hide my eyes, bury my head and pretend things weren’t happening.  It didn’t work.  Knowledge and keeping your eyes open is power, baby.  The first way to improve your money management is to keep your eyes open, and use the right tools.

Sometimes good intentions aren’t good enough.

I love technology and useful gadgets.  So, on the advice of a friend, I started using a well known financial register software, and I was frustrated.  I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted, and messed it up so badly that I finally broke down and called in an accountant to help me sort it out.  Let’s just say she was a little confounded as well.  At that point, she strongly recommended I start using Quickbooks.

Get help and do it right.

A few months later, I called her back to help me understand how to customize Quickbooks for my business.  She set some things up for me and left me with a “maintenance” tasks.  I now look FORWARD to doing my bookkeeping.  Crazy, right?

If your resolution is to stick to a budget, get out of debt or keep better track of your finances, go for it!  Here’s how to get started:

1. Open your eyes to the reality of your situation

2. Get help if you need it

3. Get and use the right tools

4.  Set up a simple system to make it easy on yourself

How are you going to better manage your money this year?

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