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Product Review: Neat Receipts Scanner

Neat Receipts Scanner

Have you seen Neat Receipts yet?  You have gotta check it out!  I just reviewed it for Sparkplugging (click to read the full article), and it’s also posted in Reviews section of the Neat Receipts website HERE. (Between PC World & Fortune Small Business I might add!!)

A portable little piece of technology that cuts down on data entry.  Gotta love that!

Love Neat Receipts?  Want to get one?  Check it out HERE.

Not your ordinary storage and office supplies…..

Ok, so I get positively weak in the knees when I see stylish storage and office supplies. It may be a sickness, but I’m willing to admit that there is something about a useful and eye-catching product that makes me swoon! So, I thought I would share some with you, so you could revel in them as well! : What’s not to love about a company that sells stylish products for the woman on the go. Out with the black and brown leather man-ish products and in with the colorful and fresh! : Sometimes you just want a product that is straightforward and simple! Just make it useful, make it easy and make it cute! If you’re moving, getting a handle on your life, tracking your valuables or just trying to get some stuff done – this may be a good product for you! : So, have you ever walked out to your car and had to climb in the sunroof, because the car next to you had blatant disregard for the parking lines? How about giving them a parking ticket? Or, you’re out at the park and there is no soap anywhere around, but you have got to wash your hands? Try Paper Soap! Or you love french press coffee? Try a press for one! You can find all these things, and some other outlandishly brash and entertaining products here. Ok, and they have some organizing stuff too…..

russell+hazel : Stylish and functional, what’s not to love? Their “Audrey” line is breathtaking and worthy of the red carpet!

OFFICE : Located in Portland, Oregon, this quirky and style-conscious “office supply” store has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens! The owners are fun and the brick and mortar location has a fabulous vintage feel. Their website is well stocked and full of innovative products. Go check it out!

What’s YOUR favorite office supply or storage resource?

Erin Doland of, The O Myth Recap

Erin Doland of

Erin Doland of

Krista and I had the pleasure of talking with Erin Doland of

(NEW!  Scroll to the bottom of this post to listen to the podcast.)

Here’s the Pearls of Wisdom from the show today:

Product Review: Naturally Knotty Totes

Product:  Naturally Knotty totes

My Experience:  Just arrived in the mail today!  The two sizes are great for many different uses, mine will be to haul my laptop and other mobile office type supplies around in.

My Favorite Thing:  The lamination on the bags will help them last long term.  I also love all the pockets and the great long handles!

My Least Favorite Thing:  That I didn’t find them earlier!

Overall Rating:   Recommended!  I love the pockets and the overall styling of the products.  Best of all, they are sustainable, recycled and renewable!  Eye-catching styling and great overall design.  Love it!

Where To Find It:

Disclosure: These products were sent to me as free samples.  No compensation was received to write this review.

Don’t Make Product Part of the Problem

Products are only part of the solution.

Have you ever started an organizing project at the store?  “I KNOW this box is going to be the answer to my prayers…” you might have told yourself.  Now, before I go any further, let me just say that I have no issue with products (as you can tell by now), but for most, they are not the place to start.

If you are embarking on an organizing project, consider that when you go through your belongings, it’s important to sort – get rid of what you don’t need, keep what you do.  Once that process is complete, you have a way better idea of what will stay and how it should be housed.  Sure, research and an occasional field trip is great – just don’t go crazy and clean out the store, bringing it all home, finding it doesn’t fit or isn’t quite what you need, and have that stuff that was supposed to help become more clutter you don’t need, that you have to sort through, decided if you want to keep it, what you’ll do with it……  get the point?

So hey, sort first, then go and buy those cute containers at Storables or russell+hazel.  You’ll  save yourself some money, aggravation and time in the end!

Earth Day: Green Your Office

Eco-Friendly Products for a Green Home
It’s Earth Day!

Do you want to “go green” in your home office, but not sure where to start? Here’s a few links to get you going:

Here on The Home Office The Green, Eco-Friendly Office, Greener everyday…, and Eco-Organizing, Eco-Friendly Life

Out on the web:

Have a resource for greener living?  Share a comment below, and let us know where it is!

Happy Earth Day… make it everyday. 😉

Meeting a Stationery Designer and Pioneer

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ms. Chris Plantan, Architect and Founder of russell+hazel, at a Design Presentation & Trunk Show. The event was hosted by Office, a local retail shop and gallery in Portland, Oregon. Ms. Plantan and her VP of Sales cheerfully shared some creative processes, enlightening information about the office product and stationery industries, as well as some insights into the fashion world. Ms. Plantan also shared that her grandparents were inspirational in the creation of several products and also in the company’s name. How incredibly sweet is that?
Russell + Hazel is a fashion forward line of stationery, binders, pens and other products we use everyday. They are high quality, stylish and not your everyday pad of paper!

Stationery stores have long fascinated me – I could get lost (and have) in the pen section alone. So honestly, meeting Ms. Plantan was a treat to say the least! What’s not to love about a company that makes everyday things as nice to look at as they are to use? 😉

Stationery to swoon over!

So a trip to my local mall prompted me to step into a Papyrus store. So maybe I’m a little obsessed with paper products, but even in the age of information, nothing is as personal as a handwritten note sent by (*gasp*) snail mail. Meaning the sender took time to actually sit down and write out their thoughts with actual pen to paper… something I try and do often! So, if you’re looking for some absolutely gorgeous, high quality cards or stationery, check out!

Get Organized In The New Year: 3 Simple Tips

This guest post is by Jamie Sward from CSN

Every year, millions of New Years resolutions are made, only to be broken a few months later. Why does this happen? Well, while reasons vary from person to person, the overarching reason why so few New Years resolutions are realized is a general lack of commitment. While losing weight and quitting smoking are noble resolutions to tackle, both are quite lofty goals and require a considerable amount ambition and commitment. This year, why not set yourself some attainable goals and make organizing your home office one of them? Getting organized is one of the top resolutions year after year, which is a good thing because it’s so easily attainable. Here are some helpful office organization tips that you can take with you into the New Year.

  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
      You don’t even want to think about how much an entire years worth of paperwork looks like. Then again, if you have a cluttered home office, you probably already know. Resolve to reduce the amount of paperwork by shredding and recycling as much of it as possible. Yes, this means that you are going to have to sift through all of it but rest assured, when you are all done, you’re going to feel so much better. You don’t need to keep every single little receipt for every little thing you’ve purchased over the past year. Keep the receipts for major purchases such as big ticket electronic items and appliances. Shred the rest! As lightweight as paper is, it really can weigh you down in your organizational efforts. Once you’ve rid yourself of all the excess paperwork, it’s time to organize it! Continue reading Get Organized In The New Year: 3 Simple Tips
  • Freebies Rock: My Top Ten Favorites

    Just got my Entrepreneur magazine, and they have a fantastic article on Free Stuff you can use in your business.  Their list is enormous with great resources.  Since I’m a user of such services, I thought I would share my top ten favorites (most of them are listed in the Entrepreneur article, too!).

    My Top Ten Favorite Freebies Continue reading Freebies Rock: My Top Ten Favorites