Catalyst For Change

There it is, staring you in the face. Something big comes up, and you feel your entire body go cold from head to toe. You’ve got an inner struggle and a crisis on your hands. So, how do you change gears to deal with it?

Crisis or Opportunity?

I read about the Chinese character for “crisis” meaning the same as “opportunity”. Then, I read an interpretation on Laura Young’s blog about the character meaning “crisis” and “crucial point (when something begins or changes)”. This makes so much sense to me. When faced with a crisis, it definitely means something has to change. If someone passes, it means your life will change in many ways. If you have a business crisis, many times it is a catalyst for change. When you hear a person say they “hit rock bottom”, it’s usually after they changed their life in a dramatic way.

It doesn’t have to take a crisis to start a change.

What if we didn’t wait for a crisis to make a change? What if we were really honest about who we are and how we live our life? Regardless of our perception of the size of change, work on our part will be required:

“If you want to change something in your life, you have to change something in your life.”

As an organizer, I recognize push back from potential clients if they are not ready for change. However, when they are ready, their space reflects what is going on inside of them – major change and improvement take place. If we wait for a crisis to come from outside ourselves, efforts to change could be too late.

Find your motivation.

Don’t wait for a crisis, start making a change today. You have more strength within you than you know! Half the battle is deciding to take the first step, and if you need support and help along the way reach out and ask for it. Having an experienced guide to point you in the right direction makes you more productive. Find your motivation for change, use it as a catalyst and change your situation, your business and you life. You only live this life once, so make it the best it can be.

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