Blog World ’08 Recap

That’s right, BlogWorld ’08, or #bwe08 if you’re on Twitter.  I spent the weekend in Las Vegas at BlogWorld, and if you’re a blogger and you didn’t, bummer.  It was a great time + lots of information + making new friends. Kinda like summer camp, only with PDA’s, Twitter and learning about the vast opportunities that exist in Social Media.

First off, thank you EPSON!

I went to BlogWorld Expo with the Sparkplugging team, and our gracious sponsor was Epson.   Ia m positively drooling over this new printer: Epson WorkForce 600.  Wireless capabilities, editing photos and more… yeah, count me IN.

Check out the interviews.

The Sparkplugging team did a huge pool of interviews with experts, superstars and all-around cool people in attendance at Blog World.  You can check them out here:  Sparkplugging Media Page.  We are loading more each day, so be sure to subscribe if you have an RSS feed reader or bookmark it.  Lots of good stuff coming!

Some take-aways & silly observations.

Eye-opening + Inspiring: I love technology (but you already knew that), and I was blown away at what some creative and smart thinkin’ people are doing with it.  Hip-hip-hooray!

Home office professionals abound: Most of the people at this conference were home office based.  How much do I love that!  I knew that there are about 28 million people working at home in the US, but I just wonder what that number is worldwide.  Something to think about, eh?

Data plan + Twitter = Connected. I hooked up my Blackberry to a data plan before I left, and BOY was I glad.  Most communication, session information and other various communique happend on Twitter.

Presentations will never be the same. Instead of powerpoint (which there was some of), there was a hashtag for most sessions.  What does that mean?  Well, here’s what the BlogWorld hashtag page looks like:  #bwe08 That is just one of the hashtags, and there is much info you can pick up even if you didn’t attend BlogWorld.  Crazy!

Staying in touch vs. real-world interaction: I thought it was kinda funny when I was at a nightclub on Saturday night and a lot of people in there had their Blackberries out, checking Twitter and email.  Funny?  Yes.  Interesting?  Yes.  Wave of the future?  Hmmmm…

I had a great time!

There was so much to learn, vendors to check out and notes to take.  I couldn’t possibly distill it all in one place, and besides, I’m still tired and I’ve got a list a mile long of people to follow on Twitter!  So I’ll end with this: if you’re a blogger or involved in social media in ANY way, you’d best check out #bwe09.  😉

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