Be On Time or Pay: A Time Management Strategy

Time is moneyDo you struggle with time management?  Always trying to get one more thing done? Tried everything to get places on time, but need a motivator?  How about using a consequence?

I had a meeting today, and one of the members of the group shared a strategy he uses to make sure he is on time:

“If I’m late, I pay.”

This particular day, he was late to our meeting.   I was surprised when he picked up the tab for the entire table.  He shared with us that he was happy to do it, and it was a strategy he set for himself so he would be on time.  It’s simple:  if he’s late to a meeting, he pays the bill.  He figured out that money is motivating factor in managing his time.  He knows it’s going to cost him tangibly, and therefore helps him manage his intangible time better.  Brilliant!

If you struggle with managing your time, what consequence or rule could you put in place?

Creative Commons License photo credit: 1Happysnapper

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