And There Was Light!

31 Days of Home Office Organizing TipsTip #8: Lighting: Have ample lighting so you can actually work in your home office.

(Part of the 31 Days of Home Office Organizing Tips)

I walk in the office, the blinds are pulled, and one small light is on.  Um, how can anyone work in here?  It’s like a tomb … with a computer.  Not good.

When you’re working, you need enough light to not only see what’s around you, but to see what you are actually working on.  General lighting (like that bright thing on the ceiling) is good, but you also need task lighting (one or two on your desk) to light up your work surface.   Depending on your tastes, choose how much light you need.  Me, I have two wall sconces, a standing lamp, under cabinet lighting and two task lights.   Yes, I like it bright, and preferably with the blinds wide open and the sun shining in.  (I’d also love another window, but that’s another story.)

So, how much light do you have in your home office?  Is there enough to keep you awake and productive?

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8 thoughts on “And There Was Light!”

  1. My home office is definitely too dark. I have two windows, but typically keep the blinds closed. The sun causes glare on my computer screen. I have a ceiling light with energy-saving bulbs. You’re right. It’s like a tomb. I’ll begin to brighten things up by digging a desk lamp out of storage. Thanks for the nudge!

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  2. I loved that you tackled lighting! I was taught that there are three types of lighting. You need all three in every room:

    It illuminates the space, but it is usually not sexy.
    Usually “the bright thing on the ceiling”

    It sounds like what it is. Use it for reading and working.

    It sets the mood and adds glow to your space.
    Certain lights are almost always ambient: up lights, down lights, sconces, over and under cab lights. Really any light can be ambient with a dimmer.

  3. Thank you for talking about light! It’s the biggest “bug in my butt” in my home office. I have these two great windows I’d love to look out of, but my larg corner desk has me facing away from them! I need to draw a new floor plan out on paper then move things around. Thanks for the inspiration!

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