A Home Office to Love

What’s up with us?

Why is it that most of us tend to make our home beautiful and “clean up” only for company?  It’s really an interesting thing to think about.  Maybe it’s our culture?  It seems we put so much pressure on ourselves to look good for other people.  Why would we make sure our space is in perfect order for others and not for our own benefit.  There is a recent trend in real estate on staging.  It’s the idea that we create and tell a story to potential buyers, so they can see themselves in our home.  Taking out distractions and making the home shine helps someone else see the beauty and lifestyle they want.

Why do we only do it for other people?

Now, I have no problems with that – I’ve offered it as a service to clients in the past, as I feel it’s a value to sellers.  However, what if we did that for ourselves, and our own benefit?  Shouldn’t we make our homes & offices reflect who we are?  Shouldn’t the things that we love and cherish be out and used on a daily basis?

What about your home office?

Take some time to look around at your own home office.  It says a lot about you.  Do you like what it says?  If not, think about ways you can change it.  Make it more appealing to you.  You might find that it changes your whole perspective and the work you do.

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