4 Ways to Organize & Decorate With Your Collection

If you’re a collector …. well, whatever…. maybe you have your prized possessions scattered around the house.  Whether it’s black or white rocks from the beach or vintage apple boxes – bring them together and make a huge impact!  Here’s a few ways to do that:

1. Shadow boxes: Use shadow boxes for big or small items, and group them together on a wall.  Works great for coffee cups, sports memorabilia, records or vintage prints.

2. Crown molding shelves: Set a collection of vases, vintage canning jars or photos, figures or soda bottles.

3. Frames: Use empty frames (no glass or backing) to bring impact to anything that can hang on the wall – vintage keys, hats, sports memorabilia or even seashells.

4. Jars or baskets: Great for smaller items (and kids “treasures”) like rocks/stones, pine cones, sea shells or even bottle caps.

Use just a little imagination and show off your organized collection to the world!  If you have great ideas, let me know!

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