4 Steps To Keep You Organized To Read


Love to read? Me too! I was reading Megan Spears’ post about magazines today (great tips to organize them too!), and I got to thinking. Here’s some tips for keeping organized while feeding your hunger for knowledge!

  1. Keep a list: Ever see a book you just knew you had to read, then got to the bookstore and realized you couldn’t remember it? It’s to keep track of books you want to read: keep a list. Use paper, your planner or your PDA – whichever works for you. When you run across a title that makes your heart skip a beat, write it down!
  2. Make your book work for you: Yep, I mean marking it up – adhesive flags, bookdarts, or just dog-earing the pages will help you remember the good stuff. Wanna get really crazy? Keep a book journal, or write down the quote and put it in a “quotes” file. Now you won’t be pulling your hair out trying to find where that great info was!
  3. Make a deadline: Have problems getting thru a book? Does reading a book mean getting thru it halfway, seeing something shiny in another book and skipping around? Ok, I kid because I do the same thing. For books: I found checking out a book from the library (one I may not necessarily need long term) gives a great reason to get thru the entire book. When you have a library deadline looming, you’ll get thru it – and isn’t learning or enjoying the book what reading is all about anyway? For Magazines: Give yourself 3 months to read the current issue. When time is up, go your separate ways. (Hospitals and other public places where people gather are great places to take them!)
  4. Make a physical boundary: Love magazines? Me too! However, like anything, they can quickly get out of control. Curb the urge to overdo it, and set a boundary. Use a container (whatever suits you), and when it gets full, it’s time to edit out what you don’t need.

What’s your tip? How do you stay on top of your reading materials?

One thought on “4 Steps To Keep You Organized To Read”

  1. I don’t let magazines stack up more than one issue. When the new issue comes in, the old one gets passed on to a friend of mine. As a magazine addict I’d be buried if I didn’t do this!

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