31 Days of Home Office Organizing Tips

31 Days of Home Office Organizing TipsGot resolutions?

Have you ever made a resolution (New Year’s or otherwise)?  You might say to yourself, “This time I am really going to organize my home office.  No, really. ” However, as time & good intentions march on, you’re  not sure where to start, and somehow paralyzed by so many project choices and paper piles.

How about starting with smaller steps?

What you might need are some smaller steps, and a series of them you can work through. That’s what this series is all about.  You can start at the beginning or the end, it’s your choice.  But, no matter when you start this series, 31 days from now, you’ll be amazed at the changes you can make in just one month’s time.  You just might surprise yourself.

Share whatcha know…

This isn’t just a one-sided conversation, either.  Have a tip, question or comment?  Be sure to leave it!   Come on, I know you’ve got a good one.  😉

31 Days = 31 Home Office Tips

  1. Computer & Paper Files: Match Them Up
  2. Label & Find What You Need
  3. Sliding Drawers, Maximum Storage, Minimum Space
  4. Grab & Go Tote
  5. Put It Where It Belongs
  6. Group “Like” Items Together
  7. Floor Plans Matter: Rearranging Your Home Office
  8. And There Was Light!
  9. Office Chair: Get One You Like To Sit In
  10. “Hey Good Lookin'”, or Use Attractive Storage
  11. Inspiration: Remind Yourself of Your Wins
  12. Build Up: Using Built-Ins
  13. Need More Space? A Large Desk
  14. Think Outside The Box
  15. “Thinking Chair”: A Place to Unplug
  16. What Happens In Your Home Office?
  17. End Each Day With A Clean Desk
  18. Wall Pockets: Maximize Desktop Space
  19. Using Hooks: Keep Things Handy
  20. Phone Log: Remembering What You Said
  21. Organize CDs in Binders
  22. Bind Them Together: Tame Your Home Office Cords
  23. Pay It Forward: Donate Your Extras
  24. Backup What You Want To Keep
  25. Tracking Projects: Keep a Running List
  26. Keep Email In Check
  27. Use a Shredder: Protect Yourself
  28. Set Up An “Action Paper” File
  29. Thinking Green
  30. Organized = Finding What You Need In 5 Minutes or Less
  31. What’s Your Best Organizing Tip?

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